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Mr. Krishnamurthy Patnaik - CEO's Message - cambridge international school guwahati

Mr. Krishnamurthy Patnaik.

Education is a method that has the power to change both individuals and society. To accomplish this goal, education must serve two purposes: to enlighten the understanding of an individual and to enrich their character. As students spend around 10 hours a day on campus, we as educators have a significant role to play in shaping their education and character development.

Our role as teachers involves a substantial amount of time spent with students and holds great responsibility in shaping their education and personal growth. While our lessons impart knowledge, our behavior and demeanor also serve as examples for children to learn from, highlighting the importance and weight of our job as teachers.

Just like a 2-year-old child learns language without being explicitly taught grammar or words is fascinating. They acquire the skill effortlessly. Hence, a teacher's behavior, language, and actions serve as an influential model to their students, making their role a highly responsible one. Every student has the inherent capacity to learn, and as teachers, our role is to inspire and guide them towards focusing on the subject. We must be patient and wait for them to assimilate the subject, as once they understand it, their performance will be remarkable.

Arthur C. Clark's statement suggests that when children are interested, education naturally occurs. While reading biology articles, I came across Harvard evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson, who attributes his education to his childhood experiences. Growing up on the edge of a forest, he had ample time to explore and appreciate various forms of life, which gave him a solid foundation in biology before even starting his undergraduate studies. Similarly, Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar was motivated to pursue education excellence after hearing stories from his mother about the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam.

Quality education requires quality teaching. To ensure students meet high standards in education, it's important to have quality teachers who maintain high standards themselves. This requires teachers to continuously update their knowledge and seek out new and inspiring ideas related to their subject matter to share with their students. When teachers are passionate about their subject, their enthusiasm can inspire their students as well. While exam preparation is important, true learning comes from being inspired and gaining a deeper understanding of the material.

International School Guwahati abides by the motto that states ‘Education through pleasure not pressure’. Established under CIE, that is, Cambridge International Curriculum for its learner centric approach, we aim to develop an innovative module for children to make them academically efficient and for their all round development. At International School Guwahati we provide enough opportunities to each and every student so they can enhance their ability. We also help to build an environment for all-round development of the child, so that they can enrich their skills and increase their potentiality.


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