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International School Guwahati (Cambridge) was set up to nurture the mental, emotional, cognitive, rational and social development of a child, right from the preliminary stages of life. The purpose is to molud growing minds to pursue higher studies easily by acquiring an education based on knowledge, not mere information. Those who want to build careers, do well in IIT/JEE or study abroad at some stage would benefit from education at CISG.

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What we offer
  • Encourages a questioning spirit.
  • Extends the range of academic subjects in all major subject groups.
  • Provides quality and depth across all such subjects.
  • Flourish from the inter-relationship between teaching and scholarship.
  • Enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

CISG is truly an international school where students learn to understand & appreciate different cultures and religions promoting a sense of global unity.

CISG follows the IGCSE (Cambridge). CISG is a Cambridge Direct Centre and students can appear for their Board examinations at the school premises itself.

A student – teacher ratio of 10:1 ensures that children receive continuous personalized attention from the teachers again with very good results.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) are treated with almost as much respect as academics. Students are encouraged to participate in at least 1 of the many activities on offer. This ensures an all round upbringing of children.

CISG was able to incorporate best in class infrastructure available such as air-conditioned & airy classrooms for all students. CISG has been continuously upgrading the laboratories, libraries, playground & other areas to ensure that CISG keeps up with the best schools worldwide.

Each class has 2 sections and there is a maximum of 24 students in each section. Normally, the section sizes are kept at less than 20 with a few spaces generally available for mid-session transfer cases – especially from abroad. Teachers are able to build a bond with students.

Safety & security is a hallmark of CISG. Every child is looked after with the same care & dedication by all staff, teachers & management. A feeling of a “home away from home” is prevalent in the heart of every student.

CISG encourages a healthy interaction between all stakeholders of the school – parents, students, teachers, staff & management. Students are encouraged to ask even the most obvious of questions so that they truly understand and learn what is explained. This goes a long way in building the child’s confidence. Parents are encouraged to meet the teachers for any reason so that there is no communication gap.

Dedicated teachers who regularly undergo refresher & training courses ensure that students’ interest in the subject taught by them remains high. Rote learning is discouraged whereas tuitions are not allowed. In case, a student needs additional help in a particular subject, the respective teacher & the parent will sit down and work out a schedule so that the same teacher can spend extra time with the student and bring him upto date with the class or clear his concept.


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