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The Impact of Social Media on Students

The Impact of Social Media on Students


The impact of social media on students and adults today is so intense that it can rightly be said to run through our veins. It is a matter of every pedestrian walking by with their eyes glued to their phones. 

According to a study conducted at the start of 2023, more than 40% of the Indian population is actively using social media. This shines an insightful light on the life of teenagers and young adult students. Every other student is either sharing a picture on social media or scrolling to the bottomless Instagram. 

But, is the impact pushing them to their best self or just another doom scroll? Let’s find out with a brief look at students’ life and social media. 

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How the Impact of Social Media on Students is Actually a Great Help

1. Encourages Self Learning

While some take it far and beyond in shaming social media channels, it can actually be useful. Social media promotes independent learning, preparing students to seek answers and make decisions on their own. This ability is a commendable impact of social media on youth.

Social networking also allows students to communicate and collaborate outside of the classroom, so kids all over the world can begin to experience the globally connected world long before entering the profession.


2. Helps Find Their Uniqueness

There are so many platforms that not only encourage students and young adults to showcase their skills but also find a unique voice in the world. At the moment, Instagram is the best platform to grow. 

Social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram are enabling students to figure out their talents. They can grow as they gain perspective into their own skills and become known for their unique capabilities. 


3. Raising Awareness and Communicating

Student life is a construct of raising awareness about every other issue and communicating one’s strengths and vulnerabilities. In doing so, social media works like a dream. This impact of social media on students brings them closer to one another and eventually trust each other. 

Raising awareness through social channels also helps effectuate the process of change. Therefore, students using social platforms to channel their ideas of a futuristic society become great leaders. 

Social networking can help you identify groups of individuals who share your interests or meet new acquaintances. Finding a close-knit group might assist us in feeling appreciated and welcomed. 


4. Creativity Backed by Competition

It is a lesser-known fact that social media actually makes students creative and competitive. Be it a professional setting or a personal life milestone, the run for self-betterment helps students boost their creativity. 

The very process of improvement has a competitive angle to it. It prepares students for the real world. 

The Negative Impacts of Social Media on Students

1. Destroys Self-Esteem for Some

Most of the content on the internet and social media promotes a ‘perfect body, perfect look, and perfect life’ image. This is an unrealistic view of the present world. 

This can eventually lead to reduced self-esteem for young people. They might feel that they do not quite fit in on financial, body-image, and other grounds. All in all, confidence deterioration is one of the widespread impacts of social media in students’ lives


2. Depression and Anxiety 

One of the negative impacts of social media on mental health is FOMO- the fear of missing out. 

If everyone else is using social networking sites, and someone does not, there is a fear that they will miss out on jokes, interactions, or invites.

Anxiety and depression might result from missing out on events. When people browse online and realize that they are excluded from an activity, it might damage their thoughts and feelings, as well as their physical health.


3. Switching it Off is a Struggle

Social media is always there; 24 hours every day and that is a real struggle. Students who are allowed phones are reported never turning them off. They are into putting every aspect of their lives on the internet that even results in bullying and harassment. 


4. Obesity and Inactivity

Some might say it is illogical to blame social media for obesity. But, it is one of the most widespread impacts of social media on students and young adults. 

Simply put, young people are too busy with their phones to go out and have a run. Virtual games have taken the place of physical activity, hence, obesity and inactivity. 


5. Poor Academic Performance

Even though learning has many angles to it, the one on social media is actually destroying formal education. 

Students, mostly in college, barely attend classes and it is not unfair to blame their phones. The thirst for likes and followers is actually taking over the need of performing well in academics. This is the main concern of every parent today and of some educational institutions too. 


The Bottom Line

Cliche as it would sound but, social media can do both good and bad. And when it comes to students, they must understand how it can be enjoyed and restrained. In the case of school-going students, schools should curb the use of mobile phones on campus. Parents should limit screen time for their wards. 

We must understand that the impact of social media on students is inevitable. But, its intensity is very much controllable.

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